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With a blue and white striped background this picture has a yellow sticky note with the words Customer Experience written on it in black felt. The felt pen is in the bottom of the picture.
Biz Tips TV

#4: CX Tips for the Holidays

CX, Customer experience, is always important but no more important than at Christmas when the number of consumers in the market at one time is …

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Biz Tips TV

#3: Cyber Security, You Need it Too

Have you put in place cyber security in your business? No matter the size of your business if you have an online presence then the …

A female designing something while surrounded by business papers and a brown paper bag
Biz Tips TV

#2: Etsy’s Hidden Gem

Do you think of Etsy when you want to make your social media sizzle? In this episode we share how we have used Etsy numerous …

White photo with a sign in the middle which reads podcast
Biz Tips TV

#1: Everything Podcasts

Podcasts can be an excellent way to promote your business and share complimentary advice and solutions to your customers. How do you know a podcast …

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