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Biz Tips TV

#34: Using your Summer Time Wisely

Have you ever thought, where did the time go? or moved the calendar to September 1st and wonder what did I accomplish this summer. We …

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Biz Tips TV

#33: How to Turn Goals into Results

Think about that time you achieved a goal. How did you feel when you reached your goal? What did you do to reach your goal? …

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Biz Tips TV

#32: Biz Tips Happy Birthday

????? ???????? ?? ?? – Crack open the Champagne and watch this episode of Biz Tips TV. We are back with a special episode on …

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Biz Tips TV

#31: How Tools Keep You Organized

This week on Biz Tips TV we switched things up a bit and gave you a tour of one of our favorite tools – Google …

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Biz Tips TV

#30: The Honesty Behind Financial Data

This week on Biz Tips TV we talked about how you can use the financial data in your business to understand your business and help …

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Biz Tips TV

#29: Avoid Poor Customer Experience using Data

This week on Biz Tips for BFFs we talked about how understanding customer data is key to ensuring they are having a good customer experience..   …

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