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Why Brilliantly Forward

Brilliantly Forward is the creation of Roseanne and Shannon and we are excited to share over 40 years of experience with you.

Honoring the passing of a dear friend, we founded Brilliantly Forward in 2020 with a mission to support women-owned businesses as they navigate the challenges of small business organization and growth. With exceptional tactical planning, we help to successfully scale brands with confidence and ease.

We guide our clients brilliantly forward, just like our friend who brought joy and brilliance to everything she did.

Our areas of expertise include:

Roseanne & Shannon

Brilliantly Forward Founders

Roseanne Carey - About Brilliantly Forward Founders

Roseanne Carey

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Melchor Lim

Roseanne Carey is an innovative, analytical and enthusiastic strategic finance professional with over 20 years of experience enhancing systems and profitability. She is the Founder of Bridge Innovations, a successful consultancy focused on business finance and re-engineering projects, as well as an accomplished CPA, providing financial management and leadership to organizations around the world.

Roseanne has consulted for a wide array of companies in her career. To sum up her expertise, “she creates order out of chaos,” which takes companies from feeling overwhelmed and unsure about their future to efficient, evolved, and powerful companies.

Roseanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Alberta and is a CPA with CPA Canada. When she’s not watching her sons play hockey, she operates Brilliantly Forward out of Canada, remotely working with clients all over the globe.


Shannon Burch - About Brilliantly Forward Founders

Shannon Burch

Your dream doesn’t have an expiry date. Take a deep breath and try again.


Shannon Burch is an innovative, system thinker, collaborator and customer experience guru. With over 20 years experience in financial services and customer experience, she has a proven track record for leading teams of people to achieve very high performance.

As a change catalyst, Shannon recognizes the need for agility, adaptability and innovation, and has demonstrated success in supporting initiatives that enhance employee development and build capacity. Her focus throughout her career has been on nurturing growth, both in organizations and individuals, by identifying the ways in which each function, thrive, and take advantage of opportunity.

Shannon has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Alberta, Certified Financial Planning Designation and is currently pursuing a MBA. Shannon currently volunteers for several boards and sporting organizations.


Why Brilliantly Forward?

You can read more about this story in our first blog Do You Remember That Day? but at the age of 23 we lost a dear friend. She was an amazing human who shone brilliantly on anyone she was around (and man to meet her you would know we are not exaggerating). We want to share what we know to help others move forward on their journeys and do it with the joy and brilliance that our dear friend brought to every thing she did. The name Brilliantly Forward becomes our tribute to her and the impact she had on our lives.      – Roseanne & Shannon

Together We Can Create

What you, our customer, can expect

the word success

We will obsess over your company's success.​

the word moving

We will make a pact with you so that you have the courage to never settle and always strive for more.

the word growth

We will celebrate your failures and vulnerability as opportunities to learn and grow.

the word powerful

We will ensure all experiences with us are effortless.

the word skills

We will provide you with brilliant ideas, tools and skill development which you can customize to serve your business the best way possible.

the word entrepreneurs

We want you to have fun and love working with us.

Things we want you to know...

Fun Fact #1
picture of a Minivan in which a pact was made by Brilliantly Forward founders to never drive a minivan

We made a pact over 25 years ago to never drive a mini-van (not that there is anything wrong with a mini-van…it’s just a metaphor).  We call it the ‘Wood Paneling Pact’ and haven’t broke it yet.  No matter what stage you might be at in your business or your life, we want to create a pact with you to share ideas, offer tools and teach you skills.

Fun Fact #2
Golden Gate Bridge that Shannon Burch and Roseanne Carey biked across

We once biked across the Golden Gate Bridge together. We had no idea how many hills there were to climb but we persevered and are excited to help you persevere through your climb.

Fact #3
woman feeling stress working on a computer - About Brilliantly Forward

We know how many skills there are to learn for business owners (and it can be stressful). Our ideas, tools and skills are all focused on alleviating that stress.

Fact #4
Shannon Burch & Roseanne Carey celebrating with a glass of wine their new business, Brilliantly Forward

Finally, we want you to have fun and love working with us (cause we think we are pretty cool and can’t wait to share the fun with you!)


A Few Words About Roseanne & Shannon

Stay Informed...

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