10 Gifts Every Female Entrepreneur Will Love

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10 Gifts Every Female Entrepreneur Will Love

Do you hate to make your own Christmas list, as much as we do? 
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Or do you have a favourite female entrepreneur on your Christmas List?  Whether they are your friend, sister, spouse, mentor, or fellow entrepreneur they have had a year. And we want to help you find the perfect gift on our list of 10 gift ideas every female entrepreneur will love. 

What is so different about a gift list for entrepreneurs over non, you ask.  This is a great question.  When you sign up to be an entrepreneur the line between personal and business blurs because being an entrepreneur is a way of life and not only a job. The gifts on the list fall on that blurred line.  They all create happiness for a business owner who has done everything in their power to run a successful business in 2020.

Here is a quick reminder why entrepreneurs should be at the top of any Christmas shopping list. 

The most successful entrepreneurs anticipate change and alter their path or direction as appropriate.  This year entrepreneurs pivoted like never before.  Months into a pandemic which creates uncertainty daily, entrepreneurs have earned their superhero status.

From curbside pickup, to online sales, and zoom client meetings entrepreneurs have had to learn and learn quickly.  Referring to them as learning extraordinarias from this moment forward.

The brilliance of an entrepreneur is the joy that their everlasting smile brings to the world.  Their purpose is to give to others.  Therefore they deserve a Christmas list just for them.

Entrepreneurs are each unique therefore the gift you choose for them is unique.  This list includes gifts that pamper, and ones that bring joy.  Some gifts focus on getting their business ready for 2021.  All of the gifts let them know that they are special and their drive, determination and resilience is appreciated.

We present the TOP 10 Gifts Any Female Entrepreneur will Love List:

1. Massage
  • We all know that regular massage is good for the body and mind. Very few of us get a regular massage. 
  • If the entrepreneur in your life is not regularly at the message then spoil her with a massage. Even better, a year’s supply would be amazing. 
  • Find a local massage therapist and support another entrepreneur. If you are in the Calgary area one of our favourites is Euphoria Wellness Centre 403-454-0645 or riverbend@euphoriawc.com.
2. Microphone and Headset
  • Everything is virtual these days.  From customer appointments, online learning, podcasts etc…. Comfortable headphones and a good quality mic is essential for anyone.  
  • There are so many microphones available today for under $100 which do a great job. Google or Amazon will be your bestfriends on this one.
3. Jewellery 
  • This gift is pure joy.  
  • Eyes light up and the smile appears everytime she puts it on.
  • Jewellery can make the worst day better, or give her the bust of confidence to win that big customer.
  • We love to highlight great entrepreneurs and our two favourite jewellery designers are amazing entrepreneurs 
  • Check out Studio BB Designs and Hillberg and Berk if you are going for a gift of pure joy this season.
4. Group of engaged customers
  • After a tough year like 2020 every entrepreneur wants customers who are willing to buy.  A few easy sales would rejuvenate as quickly as a day at the spa.
  • Obviously this gift is a bit difficult to fit under the tree but it needed to be called out.  
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5. Pair of shoes
  • A great pair of shoes energizes … and who does not need more energy this year.
  • The right pair of shoes for an entrepreneur can turn the defeat of 2020 into the powerhouse to be reckoned will in 2021. 
  • Provides the confidence to tackle anything 2021 can throw at her.
6. Spa Day
  • A great spa day is a win-win gift. Removes the toxins from the skin and the stress from the muscles.  
  • Entrepreneurs put so much into everyone else.  Spending a day being pampered may feel uncomfortable for them at first, but once the muscles release and the mind is swept up by the calm music playing throughout. She will take it all in and never want to leave.
  • If you are in the Edmonton area we recommend Salon + Spa Roxx. Check them out.
7. A Journal
  • A journal is a powerful tool. From simple thoughts and ideas to full on plan for the future.  The power of paper and a pen never grows old. 
  • It provides a place for her most powerful thoughts and feelings.  An outlet on a tough day and place to celebrate when a milestone is achieved. 
  • Journals are private, intimate and powerful.  The perfect gift for letting someone know how much you care about them and know they are put on this earth to do amazing things. 
8. Office Makeover
  • Maybe the entrepreneur in your life is spending more time at home these days. Spending time in a makeshift office.  
  • An office makeover would be a great refresh for 2021. 
  • Nothing invigorates new ideas and energy than a space you love to spend time in. 
9. Weekend away
  • Explore someplace new but close to home.
  • Whether it is a girls weekend away or a romantic getaway.  A change of scenery may be the perfect remedy for a year that will never be forgotten.
  • Support local businesses while stepping away from the crazy of 2020.
  • Planning every detail of a weekend away will make her feel appreciated and noticed for the amazing work she has done this year. 
10. Digital Course
  • It would not be a complete list if we didn’t bring your attention to the power of education as a gift.  
  • No one wants a course for Christmas. However everyone wants the secret sauce that will grow their business in 2021 at record pace.  A course while far too practical, might be that perfect gift for the entrepreneur who has been pinching every penny and possibly neglecting her personal development.  
  • Favourite business for digital courses. drum roll please. Brilliantly Forward. Although a bit self serving, our passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed.  If putting us under your favourite entrepreneur’s Christmas Tree is what will help her succeed then we are there for you.
  • Check out our current course Customer Experience Maximizer and stay tuned as we have a business bootcamp course coming the first week of January 2021.

Whether you decided on the spa or the journal.  The office makeover or a brilliant pair of shoes.  The entrepreneur in your life will be delighted. 

We would love to share in your delight.  Send us an email at info@brilliantlyforward.com and share how much she loved the gift.